Expansion of energy tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act

Discover how the IRA’s expanded energy tax credits offer substantial incentives for a range of projects, from solar power to energy storage. Delve into the specifics of these credits and learn how these changes can benefit project developers and innovators in the energy sector.

HSA Limits for 2024: a guide to maximize your healthcare savings

Discover the benefits of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and how they can help you save on taxes while covering your medical expenses. Learn about the increased contribution limits for 2024 and maximize the potential rewards of this often-underutilized healthcare savings tool.

Residential energy credits: enhancing efficiency and saving on taxes

Looking to invest in energy-saving measures? Find out how the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has increased tax credits for energy-efficient home improvements and residential clean energy property. This article explains eligibility criteria and credit limitations to help taxpayers make informed decisions.

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